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More experiments with the image prompt>v3>v4-Remaster workflow in #midjourney. Each of these images used a very high image weight (2-4) with a very detailed and abstract image of my own previous work. Here's a breakdown of what's happening in reverse order: 1. v4: the new beta of v4 uses Stable Diffusion's open-source model.

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Every word in a prompt has a weight associated with it, so trying to work out what works best and where becomes a core asset in the skillset. ... With Midjourney, you can adjust the weights of.

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The default is 1 minute. "—iw 0.25" = this is the image weight parameter in relation to the text. Assuming the text has a weight of 1, the image would be weighted 1/4 as much with a iw of 0.25 (which is the default). Interestingly, this image prompt is basically what's happening all the time when selecting variations. "The Weight of Choice" Just the title, not the actual input strings. Created using AI, then edited in Affinity for color depth, contrast, vibrancy and detail. I then upscale to either 2x and / or 4x for even greater attention to details. Included are non-watermarked editions of the image. You get the original, and the final form. Digital.

What Is Weighting in Midjourney Prompts? Weighting allows us to break up a prompt using :: as we saw above and give weights to different elements. The weights are proportional..

Jun 19, 2022 · It took me 4 weeks to get accepted in MidJourney with a few prompt credits to try the bot in Discord. Dall-E2 took a bit longer, around 2 months before I got the beta invite.. "/> capital court largo apartments; aqa maths topic list; best enterprise wifi solutions; katrina cottages for sale craigslist; photon rpc return value; roberta police department ga; cornell bookstore jobs.

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